Surviving Medical Madness

NERVE: Surviving Medical Madness 

by Laura Buchman is a mother’s chilling, yet inspiring and informative medical memoir about her hospitalized son’s fight for his life.  

Just months after starting at Juilliard, her son’s life is thrown off course when he enters the hospital for what should have been an in-and-out visit.  

With her son in critical condition, his life threatened and health spinning out of control, she trusts the hospital taking care of her son, but slowly starts to become aware that certain medications and procedures themselves may have set off a catastrophic cascade of devastating health issues.

NERVE takes you on a journey into the dark underbelly of a broken healthcare system as this resilient young man navigates an unfathomable health crisis that could happen to anyone. Ultimately, it’s a story about his perseverance to move forward and find a way through the madness. 

“We are in a paradigm shift where patients need the help of the healthcare system, yet at the same time have to protect themselves from it.”


About the Author

Laura Buchman wrote NERVE: Surviving Medical Madness not only to share her son’s inspirational story, but also to empower readers to be their own health advocate as a way to help prevent medical error and safeguard their health.

For more than fifteen years, the author has shared the transformative practice of yoga with individuals of all ages. Just as she believes yoga should be tailored to what is needed and that all people are unique, she believes hospital medical care should be more individualized.

In addition to her training as a yoga professional, she has a BA from Tufts University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.